8 Reasons to use Fluxes

Task Management Software for Teams


1.  Works the way you think.

Fluxes is powered by common sense. There’s no learning curve to hurdle or annoying manuals to trudge through. It’s the way you like to work with just a little more structure added. With organized Tasks, files and discussions, your team will be collaborating more efficiently and productively in no time at all.


2.  Visual & interactive.

Fluxes allows you to create interactive and sortable to-do lists. Simply drag and drop Tasks to rearrange them on a Checklist Card. Drag and drop Cards to rearrange them on a Board. Fluxes was designed to be easy for anyone to use, so it works for everyone, no matter their background or experience level.


3.  Privacy at your command.

You can assign different access levels within the same Board. If you make a Checklist Card private, only the people you’ve invited will have access to its Tasks, files, and discussions. You can have as much or as little privacy as you need for every part of the project.


4.  “Smart deadlines” view.

You can sort Tasks manually or you can use the “Smart Deadlines” view. As a deadline for a Task approaches, it will automatically move up on the list, changing in color to indicate urgency. This also makes sure that Tasks with longer timelines don’t get lost in the shuffle and that everyone has an overview of what needs to be done at all times.


5.  Collaboration in context.

Conversations in real life make more sense in context, and so do tasks on Fluxes. Each Checklist Card has an unlimited number of feeds to create a structured environment for conversations and files. Each Task can also have its own comments and shared files for even more granular context if you need it.


6.  No waiting for results.

Let’s face it, no one likes to wait. When you need to find something on Fluxes, you can search it in real time, no waiting required. In fact, the search shows results before you even finish typing.


7.  Repetitive Tasks: Click. Copy. Repeat.

Most teams have Tasks that are always ongoing. This includes things like onboarding new team members or clients or preparing for meetings. Fluxes makes it easy to copy a Checklist Card with all Tasks. Within each Checklist Card, you can assign Tasks to different people, and you can quickly copy Checklist Card with those settings and files.


8.  $0. For real.

You’ll never have to worry about limits again when it comes to your collaboration tools. With Fluxes, you can create unlimited Boards, Checklist Cards and Tasks for an infinite number of team members. Use all the features you need without having to stop and calculate how much it will cost you. That’s just silly.