Fluxes: a smarter way to collaborate

A More Organized You:
Simple. Easy. Intuitive.

A to-do list on steroids

Checklist Cards organize related Tasks into an interactive to-do list. It looks like a to-do list you’d write by hand, but it’s so much more. With Checklist Cards, you can share your to-do lists with others, set deadlines, assign people for each task on the list, attach files and create discussions.

Keep all your Checklist Cards in a Board

Boards are the home for your Checklist Cards. They work like a real white board. You can put related Checklist Cards together and organize them by project, goal, department, client, or any other way that works for you and your business. You can arrange your Checklist Cards in any order, create new ones, and copy and modify them.

The ultimate in visibility:
Always be prepared for what’s next

A more colorful way to set deadlines

Fluxes automatically color codes your deadlines based on when they’re due. A Task listed in orange means the deadline is approaching quickly. Less urgent items are marked in gray. Deadlines that have been missed (uh oh) are marked in red. Every time you open one of your Boards, you’ll immediately get an idea of what’s going on based solely on the colors.

Weekly emails keep everyone on the same page


Daily recap emails provide everyone of your team members with an overview of what their day and week look like, so there are never any surprises. This helps everyone feel in control of what needs to be done, resulting in a more seamless workflow. You can turn this feature on or off for every Board, depending on what you need.

Start setting “Smart deadlines”


Tasks with the nearest deadlines automatically appear at the top of your lists, so your team will never forget them even they were created a while ago. Tasks make their way up the list as their deadlines approach, and if needed, you can also rearrange Tasks manually as well.

Arrange your to-do lists visually

You can prioritize Checklist Cards visually by putting the most important ones on top of a Board just by dragging and dropping them. This also works for grouping related Checklist Cards when an entirely separate Board isn’t necessary.

Keep it all in context:
Organize your conversations

Feed your organization with feeds

You can create unlimited conversation feeds for every Checklist Card. Feeds contain discussions and files relevant to the Checklist Card. Think of it like a folder, keeping different topics structured and in order.


In real life, conversations happen in context. So Fluxes is no different. Every Task on Fluxes has its own section for collaborators to comment directly on it and attach a relevant file. And as an improvement on real life conversations, all the shared information is saved for easy reference in the future.

Better than CCing:
Easy and quick file sharing

File sharing made simple

Any team member that’s part of a Board or Checklist Card can share files with all the other members at the click of a button. So no one will be left out of vital info like when someone forgets to CC them on an email.

Stick files directly into a Task

In addition to creating feeds for relevant conversations and files, you can also attach files directly to a Checklist Card or Task if you prefer.

Add many files at a time

No one has the time to attach files one at a time. With Fluxes, you can upload multiple files simultaneously by selecting them all at once.

Automatically structured shared files

When a file is attached to a Checklist Card, a feed, or a Task within a Board, those files are automatically organized in one place so nothing get lost. If you’re a participant of a private Checklist Card within a Board, those files will be automatically visible to authorized people only. You don’t have to set up any additional preferences to make it happen.

Stay in the know:
Don’t miss a thing with real time updates

Get to know your activity feed

The activity feed shows exactly what’s been going on with your Boards. It logs all actions performed by team members, so everyone can see changes as they come in or review them later if needed.

Progress bars show how far you’ve come

A Board’s progress bar shows what’s been accomplished so far. You can view all of your progress towards a project by grouping Checklist Card into a project-specific Board or going into individual Checklist Cards to see a more detailed view.

Let everyone know what’s up

Every time you create a Task, post a comment, or upload a file, you can choose to immediately notify your team members by email.

Get as much privacy as you need:
Total control over visibility (or lack thereof)

Control the Board

All Boards on Fluxes are automatically accessible only by invitation. But for even more privacy, you can choose to make some Checklist Cards within a Board visible only to certain people. Keep in mind that only the creator of a Board can make a Checklist Card within it private.

Set privacy for each Checklist Card

You can make a Checklist Card available to all Board collaborators or only to select people.If you restrict access, only invited people will have access to the Checklist Card, folders, files, and discussions. Only the Checklist Card creator can invite people to it and change its settings.

Collaborate more efficiently:
Increase transparency & accountability

Everyone’s a manager

You can enable all your team members to create Tasks and set deadlines, leaving you with a lot less time spent writing everything out yourself. And since all activity and changes are visible in activity stream, you’ll still be in the loop about what’s happening.

Delegate Tasks within a Checklist Card


Assign different Tasks to people within a single checklist. When a Checklist Card has a particular team member responsible for it, different Tasks within that Checklist Card can still be delegated.

Hold Team Members Accountable


As needed, you can assign and re-assign a team member to be held accountable for a Checklist Card’s completion.

Set Deadlines by category


If needed, you can set separate deadlines for Boards, Checklist Cards, and Tasks. But it’s also totally possible to have one deadline set for everything too. It’s all up to you.

Repetition is a breeze:
Your business now runs smoothly

Repetitive Tasks shouldn’t require repetitive effort

You can copy Checklist Cards as many times as needed and assign them to different people. You can even have different privacy settings for every copy.

Powerful management of copied Tasks

When a Checklist Card is copied, all the Tasks within it can be copied to the same Board or to another one, with the same people or with different people. So the customization is all in your hands.

Your world at your fingertips:
Powerful filters help you see all

Create a filter for your Tasks

You can quickly check your assigned Tasks across all Boards in order to view everything you need to do on a single screen. You can even add in an overdue filter to see any Tasks that are past their due date.

View Tasks by team member or team

You can check in on individual progress by viewing “in progress,” “overdue”, and “completed” items for every team member by Task and Board.

Filter by activity

You can easily see the activity of each team member by Board.

Instant search

When you’re looking for something, you want to be able to find it immediately. Fluxes has a powerful and flexible search that works while you type. Sometimes, you don’t even need to type it all in before it finds what you’re looking for. Pretty cool.

And more:

  • Run an unlimited number of Boards simultaneously
  • Create unlimited public and hidden Checklist Cards
  • Add in unlimited collaborators
  • Enjoy the freedom of unlimited storage for file sharing
  • Automatically archive anything marked as completed
  • View unlimited activity streams for each Board
  • Turn notifications for a Board on or off
  • See all active workflows easily
  • Attach files to a Checklist Card or a comment directly
  • Drag and drop tasks to rearrange them on a Checklist Card
  • Mark a Checklist Card as finished to automatically mark all tasks within it as done