Never forget a task with the “Smart Due Dates” view.

Sort tasks manually or switch a card into the “Smart Due Dates” mode.
As a deadline for a task approaches, it will automatically move up on the list,
changing in color to indicate urgency.

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Copy sets of tasks with a few clicks.

Don’t waste your time anymore on creating repetitive sets of tasks again and again.
Easily organize processes: Fluxes makes it easy to copy a card with all tasks and files.
Quickly copy a card as many times as needed.

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Create interactive and sortable virtual boards.

Fluxes was designed to be easy for anyone to use.
Drag and drop cards to rearrange them on a virtual board.
Drag and drop tasks to rearrange them on a card or to move to another card.

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Each virtual board can have different participants.

Create and assign tasks to team members, discuss tasks and projects,
share files at the click of a button, track the progress towards your goals.
Easily view tasks by person, so everyone knows what to do at any time.

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Conversations make more sense in context.

Create multiple topics for conversations and files within a to-do list.
You can also comment directly on a task for all your collaborators to see:
each task can have its own comments and attached files for even more granular context.

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Let’s face it, no one likes to wait.

When you need to find something on Fluxes, you can search it in real time.
Find anything in seconds: tasks, topics, people, files, comments.
In fact, the search shows results before you even finish typing.

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  • Run an unlimited number of boards (projects) simultaneously
  • Create unlimited cards (to-do lists), tasks, reminders
  • Invite unlimited collaborators, create discussions & comments
  • 256-bit SSL encrypted communication
  • Enjoy the freedom of unlimited storage for file sharing
Attach files up to 10Mb each from your computer or link any file from a cloud storage
  • Set separate settings and participants for each board

An intuitive task management platform

The efficiency of digital meets the simplicity of whiteboards
to create the easiest way to keep everything on your to-do list straight.

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