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Fluxes keeps everything and everyone organized in a highly visual, super intuitive format. Create tasks and to-do lists, set due dates, share files, discuss, see big picture and be more productive.

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Mixed Workflows That Actually Work

99% of workplaces have mixed workflows for managing new and recurring tasks. With Fluxes, you can spend less time creating tasks and more time actually working on completing them. With flexibility and support for mixed workflows, creating new checklists or duplicate existing checklists takes just one click. And you can even delegate team members to create tasks too.

Assign Tasks to Team Members

Create tasks, structure them into topical Checklists, share tasks with team members in real time, and assign tasks to team members. Easily view tasks by person, so everyone knows what to do at any time.

Set Deadlines for Each Task

Never forget about a task with "Smart Deadlines" view. As the deadline for a Task approaches, it automatically appears at the top of the Checklist. So even if you have a Task with a long timeline, your team won’t forget about it!

Conversations in Context

Chat with your team, discuss tasks and projects. You can comment directly on a Task for all your collaborators to see, or have multiple discussions within a Checklist in Feeds. In some ways, it’s even better than having a conversation in real life because everything is logged for you to go back to in the future if needed.

Share Files at The Click of a Button

Anyone from your team can easily share files with all of their collaborators. You can even attach files to specific Tasks so they’re easy to find. You can also attach files to discussions. Quickly attach multiple files at once with drag and drop functionality.

Track The Progress Towards Your Goal

Check out each Board’s progress bar to check out what you’ve accomplished towards your goal so far. If there are multiple Checklist Cards for one project, you can group them together for a bird’s eye view of what’s been done overall.

Granular Privacy Settings

Each Board can have different participants. Also, you can make any Checklist within a Board private at any time. Seamlessly and securely collaborate with contractors, clients, vendors, and partners.

Copy Sets of Tasks with a Few Clicks

Don't waste your time anymore on creating repetitive sets of tasks again and again. Quickly copy Checklists with all Tasks, as many times as needed.

Visual and intuitive: boards & checklists
Drag and drop:
checklist cards & tasks
Flexible reports
and instant search
Smart Deadlines